Growing in rocky soil

-Growing in rocky soil –
I used to live in a place where carrots refused to grow
In this place you’ll notice mornings dewy breath still exhales a wanly lit ceremony of placing seed in solid soil
A medium too dense, too rich,
to make a carrot ever need to search for more
A coddled clay that could stain your hands a guilty crimson. A seed planted in a place so perfect, it never aches to be anything more.

I used to live in a place where I refused to grow
A habitat, a house, a life elaborate
It could stain your smile a waxy white
A tender place that never left a gnawing ache to search, to serve, to break satiation
Putting soil stained gloves down at the hearth of night. With dreams only reserved for pillowcases and birthday candles. A person in a place like this never knows the growth that blooms in discomfort. The fruits born of shifting soil

So maybe carrots and I have needs all the same
An uneven path to keep us searching, filtered sunlight to strive toward ,
A sky never under ceiling
A vision not devoid of feeling
Growth is practice, paved by patience
So carrots and I will stay at home in these uncertain places
Finding ourselves growing, crawling, breaking through spaces
On plots of rocky soil